Dungeon Dominations

Seminary School

I can fast forward the details, you all were there.
The spearmasters were torn apart in a savage rendering of dragon flesh before much could be done by anyone. The 2 that remained backed away from the onslaught as fire and flames poured into the wraiths.
With a warcry Roland charged raising his hammer for a mighty blow as Tazo huffed behind.
The rest of the kobolds took heart in the battle lust of the party and joined the charge but all of them were too late to stop them from coming thru the door. Roland was the first to reach the remains of the smoldering doorway looking among the smoke and wreckage for something to hit. His attention was moved to the room they came from.
The inner door at the platform burst open and the hoard of undead came in droves. With gasping moans they all started to head for the party.
A kobold next to him screamed as a wraith appeared and flayed its back open all the way to the spine. With a surprising blur Roland’s hammer smashed into the ghostly form as it tried to hide in the smoke slamming it down onto the ground. The other kobolds did not need instructions and they all fell upon the creature hacking it to pieces.
The odd warbling sound came from the statue room and Roland seen another statue have that blurred look that singeled another wraith was coming and the stumbling dead was nearing the door already “We got lots more!” he warned everyone.
Tazo reached them and seen the other room
“…shit, we can’t do this! We need a rest” Tazo turned to the others “Fall back, we won’t hold this!” and grabbed the knight by the back of his shirt pulling him away not sure if Roland would ever retreat.
The wizard was already heading to the steps with the slingers
“Were the hell is there to go?” argued Smeuul
The kobold skirm next to him answered, “there is a door up top to the right with a barred gate. It is unlocked and we can close it behind us.”
“And what’s on the other side of the door?” asked the elementist
“Lights, bright lights that hurt” answered the trembling thing.
“That’s good enough for me!” hollered Tazo as he and the others ran past “Move it you stinky bastard, we are overrun!”
The dragonborn just sighed and turned to the oncoming rush of horror as balls of flame grew in his hands “dam, that’s a lot of undead” he mused…
The others ran past the practice dummies and the stairway up to the walls but as they reached the first landing the other wraiths attacked tearing apart the easy targets first. Great chunks of kobold flesh rained down as another group died instantly. With reactions long honed by combat the party returned in kind raining down hammer blows and magic missiles alike forcing the wraiths to retreat up one stair way as they continued to climb up the other one.
A great burst of flame lit up the area
“Wait! The lizard is still down there” yelled Roland as he turned to go back.
“The fool chose to stay there so let him suffer” Tazo pulled even harder on the Knight.
Smeuul was having fun despite the endless foes coming for him. He turned to make to the others “you run like old women, we got this fight eas..oh crap” The wraths were moving in from behind as the zombies closed in.
“Well…maybe this is not the best idea” and took a flying bounce to the wall, a running start then flew up the ropes the kobolds used to get down. Used his knife to cut the ropes then swung open the barred gate the thick door behind it holding them both open for the party with a smile “took you long enough” he laughed as they started to pass him.
The laugh didn’t last long, it seems that wraiths can kind of fly too they came over the wall swinging and ravaging. Smeuul did not wait and ducked into the doorway slamming the gates shut leaving any kobolds still behind him doomed.
With a thud he shoved the big door closed and dropped the locking bar. He turned to the others and they all looked beaten and battered but alive. Then he counted the remaining Kobolds, it was an easy count … only one survived.
“So” Asked the knight “was that a normal transportation?”
“I would say that was a difficult but successful transportation” told the wizard
“…next time I am taking the long way” Roland announced and dropped to floor and rested.


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